To foster equal access to the university experience for students with disabilities while maintaining academic standards through provision of academic accommodations and support services, in partnership with the Carleton community.


  • Create awareness at Carleton University through the provision of educational and communications materials, professional development and other campus activities
  • Provide individualized support services for students with disabilities.
  • Work co-operatively and in consultative capacity with the various faculties, schools and administrative units on campus to support services, research, teaching and program initiatives which relate to disabilities.
  • Provide leadership in the identification and resolution of issues concerning access to post-secondary education for persons with disabilities.
  • Facilitate, in co-operation with others, the transition of students with disabilities from school, college and community to the university and from university to community.
  • Improve the physical accessibility of Carleton, making buildings more accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Provide student assistance through the support of a Volunteer program, which includes scribes, note-takers, tutors, and other necessary services
  • Improve access to the teaching experience with classroom accommodations such as sign language interpreters
  • Provide the facilitation of academic accommodations (e.g., extended time, alternate formats etc.)
  • Provide mediation between staff and student if the necessity arises
  • Make specialized equipment available for loan (e.g., digital recorders, SmartPens, FM systems for the hearing-impaired).