Attendant services are offered 24-hours per day, 12 months of the year (with the exception of two week Christmas break), to students with physical disabilities living in residence.

Students with varying levels of disability are able to successfully live and study on campus with the assistance of attendants who will assist them with activities of daily living such as: rising and retiring, toileting, personal hygiene, and dressing. Attendants also assist with tasks such as laundry, light housekeeping, setting up books and computers, and eating in the cafeteria. Students live in specifically designed suites, which complement the very accessible nature of the overall campus.

The attendants are available by calling the program cellular phone and will provide assistance, in most instances, within ten minutes of receiving the call. Morning routines are scheduled and coordinated with class schedules to ensure that students with disabilities can get to class on time. All other services do not need to be scheduled so that students have as much flexibility as possible.

The attendants employed with the program are fellow students who receive extensive training and follow a code of conduct that outlines expectations and acceptable behaviours in accordance with the goals and philosophy of the program. The attendants are hired by a panel that includes students with disabilities who are clients of the program.

The Attendant Services Program promotes the philosophy of independent living. This philosophy provides persons with disabilities the opportunity to make decisions concerning matters that affect themselves, as they relate to all aspects of living. The Attendant Services Program recognizes this fundamental right and protects it by adopting the practice of client directed care which recognizes the client’s responsibility to determine what services are required, and when and how services are provided. This philosophy gives every client the right to structure their own lives to meet their own goals and objectives. See also the Attendant Services section.

Attendant Services Program Application Procedure:

  1. Contact Matthew Cole, the Attendant Services Co-ordinator by telephone at 613.520.6615 to inform him of your intentions to attend Carleton and to discuss your required needs. An application form for the Attendant Services Program will be sent to you.
  2. Apply to Carleton for academic admission. One must meet all academic requirements and deadlines to be accepted into the University. Refer to the Carleton University Undergraduate Calendar for admission requirements. Academic admission does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The program does not consider academic performance in deciding on admission to the program beyond the student being accepted to the University.
  3. Inform Housing and Food Services that you require an accessible residence room. This can be done by either asking the Attendant Services Coordinator to inform housing of your needs or by contacting Housing and Food Services directly at the address below. It is advisable to request an accessible room as soon as possible because the distribution of these rooms operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Arrange a visit of the campus through Matthew Cole if desired. This visit will provide a better idea of what Carleton has to offer by way of other services. First-hand knowledge of Carleton’s accessibility can be gained through a visit to the campus.
  5. Contact the Paul Menton Centre to inform them about academic requirements such as note-takers, tutors, scribes or exam procedures.

All services offered by the program are contingent on receiving funding grants from the Ministry of Health. In addition the program has a set capacity for the number of students who may receive services at one time. The Attendant Services Program is a co-operative community. Although every attempt is made to meet individual needs, the client must realize that there are other students who are using the same service and thus a certain degree of flexibility must exist to ensure the program operates smoothly.