Dedicated Access Fund

The Dedicated Access Fund (DAF) was created in the 1991 to improve accessibility of existing buildings and facilities on campus. Currently, this fund has an annual value of $80,000. The Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) and Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) contribute to 50% of the fund from student levy money, and the University matches this amount. The DAF is managed by a committee with representatives from PMC, CUSA, GSA, faculty, staff, and students with disabilities. Physical Plant sits on this committee to provide information and implement the recommendations of the committee. Contact the PMC for more information about getting involved in the DAF Committee.

CUSA – Accessibility Fund

The Accessibility Fund is dedicated to ensuring the events held, and services provided by CUSA are accessible to all students, especially those with disabilities. A committee manages the allocation of this fund. Contact CDAC for more information about getting involved or applying for funding.