Prescott Residence at Carleton Carleton Universit Leeds House

Both Prescott House (left) and Leeds House feature suite style residence rooms. There is a shared kitchen and bathroom, in addition to your assigned bedroom. Links at the bottom of this page connect to full QuickTime panaromic views of rooms in residence.

Tunnels connect all buildings on campus, making travel to classes comfortable, regardless of the weather. Students can travel from their residence rooms to any classroom on campus without going outside. Tunnel entrances from residence to these buildings as well as entrances to floors, television lounges, study lounges and laundry rooms are all operated by the proximity card and easily reached by elevators with lowered buttons. The laundry room has some front loading washers and dryers.

Accessible entrance to laundry roomCard reader at door entrance to Leeds House via the tunnel.Card reader access to hallway from lobby
All accessible suites, which are located throughout the building, have proximity card readers on the outside of the door, and a motion sensor or a door opener button on the inside of each suite. The motion sensor is activated from inside the suite when an individual crosses in front of the sensor, which allows hands free exiting. From outside the suite, the proximity readers are activated by a sensor card, which is carried by the individuals living in that suite. These rooms are designed for a student whose level of disability requires extra support in activities of daily living. All accessible bedrooms in Leeds house are equipped with a ceiling track lifting device. A hands-free speakerphone is available upon request.

Stormont/Dundas features traditional style residence accommodation, a shared bathroom connects to bedrooms on either side. Accessible rooms are located on the first floor, accessed via proximity card readers. The study lounge, and television lounge also have proximity card readers. Though accessible, generally these rooms are assigned to students requiring less assistance from the Attendant Services program.

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Frontenac House
Leeds House Suite A
Leeds House Suite B
Prescott House
Stormont-Dundas House