1. Online Tests and Exams
  2. In-Class Tests and Examinations
  3. Formally Scheduled Examinations
  4. CUOL Midterm Examinations

Online Tests and Exams

In keeping with all guidelines set by Ottawa Public Health, Ontario Public Health and Health Canada, all test and examinations will be completed remotely for the 2020 – 2021 school year.

The PMC Coordinators have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about writing online exams and accommodations.


Please email your PMC coordinator if the answer(s) to your question(s) is not in the FAQs provided.

In-Class Tests and Examinations

In-class tests and exams are those that are conducted within the classroom, or any tests, which are not organized and proctored through Scheduling and Examination Services (SES). This applies to tests given during the term or during the formal examination period. Instructors are responsible for providing accommodation for all in-class tests, midterms, and exams.

Arranging Accommodation for In-class Scheduled Tests, Midterms, and Exams:

  1. Meet with a PMC coordinator or submit a “Request for Accommodation” via myPMC at least 2 weeks before the first in-class test, midterm, or exam for which you require accommodation. You are only required to submit one Request for Accommodation per course, and it will cover all subsequent tests and exams (in-class, CUTV midterm, and formally scheduled). However, you are required to inform your instructor if you do not need accommodation for an in-class test, midterm, or exam.
  2. A ‘Letter of Accommodation’ will be emailed to each of your instructors at the appointment or within three business days after the receipt of your “Request for Accommodation” via myPMC.
  3. Arrange a mutually convenient time (e.g. during the instructor’s office hours) to meet with each instructor to discuss how classroom and test/exam accommodation will be handled. The instructor may choose to handle your in-class test/exam accommodations within the department. Alternatively, s/he can submit an online request to Scheduling & Examination Services (SES) to accommodate your test, midterm, or exam at the McIntyre Exam Centre.
  4. Follow up with each instructor at least two weeks before the first in-class test, midterm, or exam to ensure that accommodation arrangements have been made.
  5. You are required to notify your instructor or Scheduling & Examination Services (SES) if you don’t require accommodation for a particular test, midterm, or exam.

Formally Scheduled Examinations

Formal examinations are midterm, final, deferred final examinations scheduled and administered by Examination Services within the dates specified in the Carleton University Undergraduate Calendar for such exams.  SES is responsible for making accommodation arrangements for all formally scheduled exams. Confirmation of accommodation arrangements for each student is sent to cmail email accounts prior to the formal examination period.

Arranging Accommodations for Formally Scheduled Exams:

  1. If you have already submitted a “Request for Accommodation” to PMC earlier in the term, you are not required to submit another one in the same term for your formally scheduled exams unless you need to change your accommodations.
  2. If you have not submitted a “Request for Accommodation” earlier in the term and require accommodations for your formally scheduled exams. Please do so before the deadline listed on the Undergraduate Calendar or the PMC dates and deadlines page.
  3. All requests for accommodation received by the deadline date will be sent to Scheduling & Examination Services for processing.
  4. To request accommodations after the deadline date, you will be required to meet with your PMC Coordinator.
  5. If you need to cancel accommodation arrangements for an exam please contact your PMC Coordinator.

CUOL Midterm Examinations

Students requiring accommodations for their CUOL midterms must submit their “Request for Accommodation” to PMC at least two weeks before the first midterm exam. Compliance to this deadline is crucial to students receiving accommodations for their midterm exams.

Arranging Accommodations for CUOL Midterm Exams:

  1. Submit a “Request for Accommodation” to the Paul Menton Centre at least two weeks before the first CUOL midterm exam for which you require accommodation.
  2. Please inform your PMC Coordinator that you will be writing the test off-campus through CUOL.
  3. If possible, send advance notice to Bruce Hamm if you do not require accommodation for a particular CUOL midterm exam.
  4. For more information, visit the CUOL webpage.