Yvonne provides one-on-one support (through PMC) giving students insights and guidance in applying their education to the workplace.

What is an employment pathway?

  • Part-time/full-time/summer job
  • Co-op/internship/practicum/placement
  • Volunteer position
  • Entrepreneurship venture

Why do Employment Pathways Matter?

  1. You get a head start in applying your education to the workplace and help you get sought after skills and experience you can add to your resume and increase your changes of getting hired after graduation.
  2. You can find purpose in your degree, linking what you learn in the classroom to the outside world.
  3. You can learn about what you like in a job, type of environments you thrive in, what you are good at and what matters to you.
  4. You make connections with people who can become future mentors, references and help you find work.

How I help:

  • Develop individualized goals, strategies, and plans for gaining skills and employability experience based on your interests, skills and values.
  • Collaboratively determine which pathway is right for you and create a step-by-step plan to reach pathway goals.
  • Prepare for pathway experiences – explore essential requirements, anticipate possible challenges and problem solve.
  • Explore how your disability accommodations and learning strategies transfer to work settings.
  • Follow up after completion of experience to identify skills developed, learn how to articulate gained skills and experiences on a resume determine next steps to gain additional experience.

To get started, email pmc@carleton.ca or call PMC’s front desk at 613-520-6608.