Shared Responsibility

Post-secondary institutions are required to take a proactive approach in addressing disability related issues and in establishing policies and programs that are inclusive for students with disabilities. All members of the Carleton University community have a shared responsibility to accommodate students with disabilities whose needs have been duly assessed by the Paul Menton Centre. Academic accommodations play an important role in creating an equitable environment where respect for the dignity of the persons with disabilities and respect for confidentiality are realized. Carleton’s current Academic Accommodation Policy for Students with Disabilities is intended to reflect the University’s response to the legislative requirements of Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Faculty and Instructor Responsibilities in Accommodating Students with Disabilities

  • For in-class test or midterm accommodations, please submit a booking request with test/exam information to the McIntyre Exam Centre approximately 2 weeks prior to the test/exam date. The McIntyre Exam Centre, managed by Exam Services, will provide and manage all accommodations, subject to availability and booking criteria. For more information please refer to the Tests and Exams section of the website.
  • When CUOL or Scheduling and Examination Services (SES) is administering your in-class scheduled tests/exams for PMC students, please provide the appropriate office with a copy of the test or exam in advance and coordinate with their staff regarding exam pick up.
  • Work with the student and the PMC on the provision of the following classroom accommodations:
    • Note-takers and sign-language interpreters
    • Transcription of course materials into alternate format
    • Captioning of multimedia materials (to be provided to PMC three weeks before they are used in class)
  • Check your Carleton staff email ( regularly for electronic Letters of Accommodation (LoAs) from PMC, and confirmation of accommodation arrangements from SES and CUOL.

Please refer to the following section of the PMC website for detailed information about the roles and responsibilities for students, PMC, faculty, and other partners in the accommodation process:

Roles and Responsibilities

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