Volunteering with the Paul Menton Centre is an excellent opportunity to build upon your own volunteer credentials and enhance your academic experience.


Volunteer Positions:

  • Notetaking: up your involvement and engagement in the Carleton community.
  • Tutoring: refine your teaching and mentoring skills while being part of a hands-on innovation.
  • Captioning: apply and develop your organizational and problem solving skills while learning exciting software, in a risk-free environment.
  • Proofreading: apply your love of different writing and learning styles by honing-in on your editing skills.
  • Events: communication skills are crucial, organization and problem-solving skills are essential, and having fun while doing all of it is a must! Sound like you?
  • Get the FACTS Mentor: allow your own experiences with your disability to impact incoming students in a positive way. NOTE: this opportunity is only open to students with second (2nd) year standing or higher.
  • Make the CUT Mentor: are you interested in applying a strong understanding of the nature and impact of your disability to help ease the transition from grade 12 to post secondary for incoming students? Apply to be a MTC Mentor!
  • Urgent Requests: help contribute to making the post-secondary experience of your peers a positive one while working with cutting-edge software and technology, earning volunteer hours, on a flexible schedule.