Shared Responsibility

Accommodating students with disabilities at Carleton University is a responsibility shared among the various partners in the accommodation process: the students themselves, the Paul Menton Centre (PMC),  course instructors, Scheduling and Examination Services (SES), and Carleton University Online (CUOL).

– Students
– Paul Menton Centre (PMC)
– Faculty members and instructors
– Scheduling and Examination Services (SES)
– Carleton University Online (CUOL)


The students must self-identify their accommodation needs to the PMC staff. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a Coordinator at the Paul Menton Centre early in each term, as soon as they obtain course outlines. Early identification is particularly important for those students who require sign language interpreters, in-class notetakers, course material in alternative format, or adaptive technology equipment. Please refer to relevant timelines for specific information.

Students are also encouraged to speak directly with their Instructors and Teaching Assistants about their academic accommodation requirements early each term. Discussion with Instructors and Teaching Assistants should ideally take place after students have met with their PMC Coordinator and their Letter of Accommodation has been emailed to both the student and the Instructor. It is recommended that students consult their PMC Coordinator if uncertain about how to effectively disclose their disability and/or discuss their accommodation needs with their instructors and/or TA’s.

Additional student responsibilities
In addition to identifying accommodation needs to the Paul Menton Centre and the course instructors early in each term, students are encouraged to take the following initiatives:

  • Provide the PMC with relevant documentation concerning your disability.
  • Actively search for information about facilities and services available at Carleton.
  • Contact and inform Instructors and Teaching Assistants of any accommodation needs at the beginning of each term, including examination and classroom accommodation requirements.
  • Maintain contact throughout the term with the PMC, particularly if you require help or when problems arise.
  • Keep your PMC Coordinator informed of any changes related to your disability and/or courses. If you drop courses for which exam accommodations have been arranged, please inform your PMC Coordinator.
  • Contact the PMC if you need to cancel or reschedule a meeting with your Coordinator.
  • Make service requests with sufficient notice (2-3 weeks may be necessary for some requests, while only a few days will be required for others). Be sure you understand the time-frames for implementing specific service requests by familiarizing yourself with the timelines established by the PMC and the University.
  • Contact Heather Cross at 613-520-2600, ext. 8186 for information about library services for students with disabilities.


The PMC is the designated department on campus to advise the Carleton community of the institutional Human Rights obligations to accommodate students with documented disabilities gain equal access to their education. In addition, the PMC is responsible to:

  • Evaluate documentation for validity and appropriateness.
  • Determine accommodations that are appropriate for the functional limitations of the student’s disability, and that they do not undermine essential course requirements.
  • Assist students in obtaining disability-related supports (e.g. note takers, learning strategy instruction, technology, classroom sign language interpreters, referral to other student services on campus, etc).
  • Act as a resource for Instructors regarding ways to reduce need for academic accommodations and in the determination of essential requirements.
  • Work with Scheduling & Examination Services (SES) and CUTV to coordinate exam accommodations arrangements for formally scheduled exams and in-class midterm exams.


  • Work with student and PMC to coordinate classroom accommodations (e.g. note takers, interpreter service, etc).
  • Make accommodation arrangements for in-class scheduled tests, midterms, and exams. You may choose to make these accommodation arrangements yourself or request that some or all of your PMC students’ in-class tests/midterms be administered in the McIntyre Exam Centre (managed by Exam Services) with 2 week’s notice, subject to availability and booking criteria. For more information please refer to the Tests and Exams section of the website.
  • When CUOL or Scheduling and Examination Services (SES) is administering your in-class scheduled tests/exams for PMC students, please provide the appropriate office with a copy of the test or exam in advance and coordinate with their staff regarding exam pick up.
  • Check your Carleton staff email ( regularly for electronic Letters of Accommodation from PMC, and confirmation of accommodation arrangements from SES and CUOL.

Scheduling and Examination Services (SES)

  • Coordinate accommodation arrangements for ALL formally scheduled exams including arranging for space, hiring proctors, providing computers/assistive technology or ergonomic furniture, notifying students of specific times and locations, and returning exams to relevant departmental office on the following business day.
  • Manage the McIntyre Exam Centre and coordinate online exam accommodation bookings from Instructors for in-class scheduled tests, midterms, and exams.
  • The Exam Centre Coordinator will notify both the Instructor and student once a booking is confirmed.

CUOL (Carleton University OnLine)

  • Coordinate accommodations for CUOL (former CUTV) midterm tests for PMC students registered in in-class, VOD, or television sections.
  • Coordinate ALL accommodations for distance PMC students.