The Paul Menton Centre, working cooperatively with faculty members from a variety of disciplines, has successfully launched a new entity at Carleton called the READ Initiative (Research, Education, Accessibility and Design).  The READ Initiative will build on Carleton’s strong reputation as a leader in this area and will:

  • Increase Carleton University’s profile as a leader in accessibility research and design.
  • Support increased program emphasis in all faculties in areas of disability, universal design, accessibility and inclusion.
  • Support research and projects on accessibility in all disciplines and promote connections among varying approaches with an emphasis on solutions to issues affecting persons with disabilities
  • Engage students and faculty at Carleton with people with disabilities and the broader community locally, nationally and globally, offering interactive learning opportunities for students and support and solutions to the community.

The Initiative has great potential to provide experiential learning opportunities to students, both undergraduate and graduate, giving them greater access to academic and community expertise.  At the same time, individuals with disabilities and the local, national and international organizations in the disability field will benefit from the research and participation of Carleton students and faculty in the development of new frameworks and solutions to the pressing cultural and practical issues they face every day.

This initiative will be governed by an Advisory Board under the direction of the Faculty of Engineering and Design, with board members selected from all faculties, staff, students and the community, including the Director of the Paul Menton Centre.

Visit the READ Initiative website at