1. Your Responsibilities
  2. New Term Checklist
  3. Accommodation Information
  4. Extended Time for Assignments
  5. Test and Exam Information
  6. Assistive Technology
  7. Resources for Students
  8. Workshops for Students
  9. Financial Aid
  10. Important Dates and Deadlines
  11. myPMC Portal
  12. Career Corner
  13. Self-Awareness Exercise
  14. Coordinator Drop-in Hours

Your Responsibilities

Accommodating students with disabilities at Carleton University is a responsibility shared among the various partners in the accommodation process: the students themselves, the Paul Menton Centre (PMC),  course instructors, Scheduling and Examination Services (SES), and Carleton University Online (CUOL). Make sure to be informed about your responsibilities and how those fit in with the responsibilities of your peers, professor(s) and academic institution.

New Term Checklist

Check here for a step-by-step on how to get started with your accommodations, services, and resources.

Accommodation Information

Come here for information including regarding:

  • Letter of Accomodation (LOA)
  • Classroom Accommodations
    • Audio Recording
    • Sign Language Interpreting
    • Notetaking Services
    • Alternate Format Materials
  • Background of Academic Accommodation(s)
    • New Challenges
    • Features of the New Appeal Process

Extended Time for Assignments

Check here for information regarding:

  • What to do before the deadline and after the deadline
  • Responsibilities of the Student, Professor, and PMC

Test and Exam Information

Check here for information regarding:

  • In-Class Tests and Examinations
  • Formally Scheduled Examinatios
  • CUOL Midterm Examinations

Assistive Technology

Assistive or Adaptive technology enables students with disabilities to compensate for and minimize educational barriers imposed by their specific disability. It also promotes independence among students with disabilities, which is one of the three fundamental tenets of PMC’s philosophy. As such, we try to promote the use of adaptive technology by students with disabilities as much as possible.

Including information regarding:

  • Assistive Equipment Loans
  • Assistive Technology Centres (on campus)

Resources for Students

PMC works in partnership with the Carleton community to increase accessibility for students with disabilities into all aspects of university life. There are many student support services available to Carleton students.

Check here for information regarding Support Services within PMC as well as on-campus more widely.

Workshops for Students

PMC has designed “express” workshops that provide tips, insights, and best practice information for you to take quality notes in class. Check here regularly for updated offerings and instructions about how to register.

Financial Aid

Check here for information regarding scholarships, bursaries, and awards available to students who identify as having a disability.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Check here for a list of important dates and deadlines to include in your calendar. Including:

  • Test and Examination Accomodation Request Deadlines
  • PMC-Specific Bursary Deadlines for Application
  • Adaptive Equipment Return
  • Transcription Services
  • Sign Language Interpretation

myPMC Portal

MyPMC Portal is part of the University’s ongoing efforts to integrate services for students with disabilities at Carleton.  To activate myPMC, you must meet with your coordinator at the beginning of the school year.

Through myPMC you may request and update class, test, and exam accommodations.  If accommodated for a notetaker, you may also download lecture notes via myPMC.

Career Corner

Visit our Career Corner webpage for a directory of employment-related services offered to students with disabilities on Carleton’s campus.

Self-Awareness Exercise

The Self-Awareness Exercise is a tool designed to help you recognize what your mind and body may be telling you. Once you are aware of this information, you have the ability to address the difficulties that may be getting in the way of your academics and mental health. To learn more about the benefits of the exercise and complete the exercise, visit our Self-Awareness Exercise webpage.

Coordinator Drop-in Hours

PMC coordinators have drop-in hours every week starting Monday, September 9, 2019. For the complete schedule, click here.