Employment Pathways

Yvonne provides one-on-one support (through PMC) giving students insights and guidance in applying their education to the workplace.

Visit the Employment Pathways webpage

To book a “Pathways Appointment,” email pmc@carleton.ca or call PMC’s front desk at 613-520-6608.

Accessible Career Transitions (ACT)

A collaborative support service between the PMC and Career Services, Nicole helps you:

  • Create plans for building exciting volunteer, social or work experiences that suit you and help you move toward your goals,
  • Navigate questions about employment as it relates to disability and
  • Tackle the challenges that can come with interview preparation for volunteer, part-time or full-time positions.

Visit ACT's Website

Email Nicole at nicole.borges@carleton.ca to book an appointment with her.

ACT to Employ

ACT To Employ aims to place students with disabilities in employment opportunities on campus, and to provide them with hands-on quality work experiences while they obtain their post-secondary degree at Carleton University.

Visit ACT to Employ's website

Email Jenna at jenna.lambert@carleton.ca to get started.