Test & Exam Accommodations

In-class tests: Submit request for accommodation to PMC at least two weeks before the first in-class scheduled test, midterm, or exam.

CUOL mid-term exams: Submit request for accommodation to PMC at least two weeks before the 1st CUOL midterm exam.

Formally scheduled exams :  Submit request for accommodation to PMC by the deadlines listed on the Registrar’s Dates and Deadlines page: www.carleton.ca/registrar/registration/dates-and-deadlines/

Bursaries and Awards

  • May 31st: John Burton Awards
  • March 1st: John Teuscher Memorial Scholarship
  • January 31st: Application to the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD)
  • Provide receipts for BSWD equipment purchases to PMC within two weeks after receiving the cheque.  In order to qualify for BSWD check with the Awards Office for deadline dates for specific student loans/bursaries for application to provincial and/or federal student loans programs

Returning Adaptive Equipment

The maximum borrowing period for adaptive equipment is one term. Please return or renew borrowed adaptive equipment to the PMC after the end of each term.

Alternate Format Transcription Services

Recommended minimum of six weeks notice to a PMC coordinator prior to the beginning of classes to ensure timely arrival of text in alternate format.

Sign Language Interpretation

Recommended minimum of 4 weeks notice to the PMC before the beginning of course.