Students with disabilities must meet the same admission requirements as other students applying to Carleton University. If you do not meet those admission requirements, several other options are available to you.

  • The Enriched Support Program offers an alternative admission route for high school students who did not meet standard admission requirements but possess the potential to be successful in university.
  • Mature students who do not meet the standard entrance requirements for a program may register as a special student through the Registrar’s Office.

All students who are taking courses at Carleton University through any of these routes are eligible for academic accommodations and support services through the PMC office.

Once you have accepted an offer of admission to Carleton, it is highly recommended that you meet with a PMC Coordinator to learn about available academic accommodations and support services.

Summer Registration

1.  Contact PMC to set up an appointment with a PMC Coordinator by  phone 613-520-6608, TTY 613-520-3937 or email

Before your appointment:

  • Gather all relevant documentation of your disability. If you do not have documentation, have your Medical Specialist or Doctor fill out the appropriate Request for Documentation forms.
  • Sign up for a Student Computing Account through Computing and Communications Services (CCS). You may then use your new account at My Carleton. Bring your new Carleton email address to your PMC appointment.

2.   Meet with a PMC Coordinator to assess your documentation and discuss academic accommodations and support services.

Fall/Winter Registration
1.  Once you have registered for classes through Carleton Central, make an appointment with your PMC Coordinator for early September (or early January, if registering in the winter term). To book an appointment, please call 613-520-6608.

2.  Attend your first class for each course to get a sense of what to expect and anticipate disability related needs.

3.  When you meet with your PMC Coordinator, bring your course outlines. During this appointment, you will discuss with your PMC Coordinator classroom and/or test/exam accommodations that you will need for each course, and a Letter of Accommodation will be sent to each instructor by email.

Registering with the PMC BEFORE you start school in September will increase the likelihood of a smooth transition and ensure you have supports in place without unnecessary delay.


The Paul Menton Centre (PMC) is committed to assisting students with disabilities to meet essential requirements in their courses/programs through appropriate accommodations and support services while maintaining academic standards. To register with PMC, you must provide appropriate documentation of your disability from an regulated health care professional. Accurate and recent documentation will ensure that the necessary information required to evaluate requests for disability support services has been provided. For documentation requirements for your disability, please see Disability-Specific Information section.