Admissions and Disability

Students with disabilities must meet the same admission requirements as other students applying to Carleton University. For more information on admission requirements, please visit Carleton’s admission requirements webpage at

All students with disabilities taking courses at Carleton University are eligible for academic accommodations and support services through the PMC office. Access to support is not limited to students enrolled in degree programs. For example:

  • Students enrolled in the Enriched Support Program (ESP) are high school students who did not meet standard admission requirements but possess the potential to be successful in university. For more information on Carleton’s ESP, please visit the website at
  • Special Students are those who have not been admitted to a degree program but who are taking degree-credit courses to qualify for admission, to improve professional qualifications, for transfer credit, or for personal interest. For more information, visit the Registrar’s Office website at

Documentation Requirements

The Paul Menton Centre (PMC) is committed to helping students with disabilities meet essential requirements in their courses/programs through appropriate accommodations and support services, while maintaining academic standards. To register with PMC, you must provide appropriate documentation of your disability from a regulated health care professional. You will also be asked to complete the PMC Assessment of Functional Impairment (AFI). The PMC AFI is used to evaluate the nature and the degree of functional impairment due to disability, in order to inform PMC support services.

Accurate and recent documentation will ensure that the necessary information required to evaluate requests for disability support services has been provided. Documentation requirements for various disability categories can be found at

How to Register with PMC

To learn about PMC’s intake process for new students, visit this link: