Volunteer Program

The volunteer program was developed to allow current Carleton students to gain practical experience and acquire new professional skills in the area of disability services. Several volunteer positions will be available throughout the academic year.  Apply online

Volunteer Notetakers

Notetaking Services are one of many academic supports offered by PMC. Volunteer Notetakers are students enrolled in various courses who assist students with disabilities who have difficulty taking lecture notes. This is an opportunity for students to assist classmates by sharing class notes and developing their own notetaking and academic skills. Apply online.

Tutors from a variety of disciplines are sometimes needed to work one-on-one with students who require tutoring because of their disability. Tutors are paid between $11 to $20 per hour, depending on experience and expertise. Apply online.

Internship or Practicum Placement
A limited number of practicum or internship opportunities are available for upper-year and graduate students in Psychology, Social Work, and Counselling who want to gain practical experience working with students with disabilities. Intensive training is provided in September, followed by ongoing training and support from PMC staff. Contact pmc@carleton.ca