Paul Menton Centre Volunteer Policy


The Paul Menton Centre Volunteer Program, in partnership with other Carleton University services, promotes an environment where volunteers can develop relevant academic and professional skills while supporting the PMC’s mandate to provide academic support to students with disabilities as well as awareness of disability services within the Carleton community.


Volunteer services offered through the Paul Menton Centre are fostered on the values of Integration, Individualization, and Independence.


Volunteers are recruited based on PMC needs and selected through a thorough screening process. Volunteers are integrated into their positions through orientation and training which offers the opportunity for each volunteer to learn new skills, set goals, and learn about accessibility in a post secondary environment.


Each volunteer is screened according to selection criteria in order to maintain the high customer service standards maintained by Paul Menton Centre. Volunteers receive the level of direct supervision required to ensure success in their volunteer activities. Supervisors assist in processing requests for Carleton’s Co-curricular Record, reference letters and other documentation necessary to commemorate each volunteer’s contribution. PMC staff is dedicated to providing ongoing support for volunteers which we believe is essential to the success of the Volunteer Program.

Confidentiality is an integral aspect which allows for volunteers and students to collaborate cohesively. The Paul Menton Centre respects the rights of volunteers and clients equally with respect to matters of privacy.


Volunteers have the opportunity to learn to manage and organize their work based upon their availability. The PMC Volunteer Program is designed to help volunteers develop skills that will assist them in their future endeavors.

Program requirements and expectations:

Co-Curricular Record
Students are expected to commit to a volunteer position for a minimum of one semester. Students will receive volunteer hours that can count towards the student’s Co-Curricular Record. For more information about the Co-Curricular Record and to search recognized volunteer opportunities (i.e. activity directory) by this program, please visit

Becoming a Volunteer

Step 1 – Search for volunteer opportunities

Step 2 – Apply

Step 3 – Track your volunteer hours

We ask that you track your hours using the PMC’s Tracking Form for Volunteer Hours. It is important to us that we keep track of your volunteer activities and that you receive recognition for the work you put in. Tracking forms must be submitted to

All applicants will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator. Please note that volunteers must attend an orientation and training session prior to volunteering.  For more information please contact