The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) has awarded an Insight Development Grant to Professor Fiona Robinson for her research project ‘Interrogating Canada’s Feminist Foreign Policy Narrative: Historical Context and Contemporary Logics’.

The project examines the shift towards a ‘feminist’ orientation in foreign policy under the Trudeau government.  The research will ask how we can make sense of this new narrative in the historical context of prior ethical or principled foreign policy approaches in Canada, while also exploring the logics of gender, race and neo-colonialism that frame this new feminist approach. While it is a critical study, it is interested in whether feminist foreign policy – in Canada and beyond – can create spaces for the development of feminist solidarities across borders.

Department of Political Science PhD student – Lindsay Robinson (no relation!) – will be the principal student research assistant for this project.  The project has been awarded $49,950 for a two-year period.

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