Mexico is going through a deeply challenging period with a new president who has promised a fundamental transformation of the country’s political and economic systems. At the same time, US President Donald Trump has engaged in various forms of intimidation and pressure on Mexico, from the re-negotiation of NAFTA, to the threat to build a wall at the US-Mexico border, to threats to increase tariffs if Mexico does not act to restrict Central American migrants travelling through Mexico from claiming asylum in the United States. This course provides fascinating insight into the factors behind these events. It features various guest speakers, including a visit from the Mexican ambassador to Canada.

This course is offered Fall 2019
PSCI 3205 A
Tuesdays 11.35-2.25
Dr. Laura Macdonald

Laura Macdonald is a Professor in the Department of Political Science. She teaches, researches and writes about issues related to Latin American Politics, Mexican politics, development, trade, gender, migration and democracy and human rights.