What role does emotion play in diplomacy?
Can states have emotions?
How does racism shape what kind of security claims political actors make?
What makes an image an international icon?

In this course we will examine the role of emotion and images in international politics. We will explore different ways of thinking about emotion and images, reflect on how they challenge conventional ways of thinking about International Relations theory, and study the various roles they play in international issues such as war, security, diplomacy, and beyond.

This course is available Fall Term 2019
Mondays, 11.35-2.25
Dr. Eric Van Rythoven

Eric Van Rythoven’s research focuses on the role of emotion in International Relations theory and the Politics of Security in both Canada and the United States.  His work has been published in the Journal of Global Security Studies, European Review of International Studies, Security Dialogue, and the European Journal of International Relations.  His recent edited book (with Mira Sucharov) is titled Methodology and Emotion in International Relations and was published by Routledge press in 2019.