Congratulations to Victoria Tait on the successful defence of her PhD thesis, entitled “Backtalk: Implementing United National Security Council Resolution 1325 in the Canadian Armed Forces.”

Victoria’s dissertation examined the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Victoria’s research utilized several qualitative methods, including archival research and two series of interviews with CAF military personnel and defence experts to determine the discursive frameworks used to guide the implementation of the resolution in Canada. She examined the resulting data to determine if the discursive framing of UNSCR 1325 enabled the CAF to implement the WPS Agenda while upholding the gender equality norms contained within the original resolution. Her findings contribute to research on feminist engagement with militaries, and institutionalist research on discursive framing. Questions about this research can be directed to