Early Summer 2008 (May – June)

PSCI 1001A Great Political Questions P. Emberley
PSCI 2003A Canadian Political Institution J. Malloy
PSCI 2101A Comp Pol of Industrial Studies A. Hurrelmann
PSCI 2300A [1.0 credit] History of Political Thought P. Emberley
PSCI 2601A IR: Global Politics D. Lopreite
PSCI 2701A Intro Res Methods in Pol Sci T. Attwood
PSCI 3107A The Causes of War G. Dawson
PSCI 3607A N. Amer. Security&Defence Pol M. Dawson
PSCI 3809A Sel Topics in Political Sci (additional info) A. Lecours
PSCI 4006/5006 Legislatures & Represent. Cda J. Malloy
PSCI 4104A Theory & Prac: Third World Dev A. Isaac
PSCI 4505A Transitions to Democracy J. Fabian
PSCI 5609S/EURR 5106 Sel Top:Euro Integ Studies (additional info) G. Gorzelak

Late Summer 2008 (July – August)

PSCI 1002A Global Political Issues A. Rahming
PSCI 2002A Canadian Political Environment N. Verrelli
PSCI 2102A Comp Politics of Dev/Underdev D. Lopreite
PSCI 2200A Introduction to U.S. Politics M. Haussman
PSCI 2300A [1.0 credit] History of Political Thought B. Mabley
PSCI 2602A IR: Global Political Economy S. Sookmark
PSCI 2702A Quant Res Methods In Pol Sci S. Bennett
PSCI 3000A Canadian Provincial Politics R. Dyck
PSCI 3308A Modern Political Thought A. Ergul
PSCI 3606A Canadian Foreign Policy G. Dawson
PSCI 3802A/ SOCI /
ANTH 3027
Globalization & Human Rights O. Kovanci
PSC1 3809B Sel Topics in Political Sci (additional info) T. Shaw
PSCI 4105A Selected Prob: Third World Dev T. Shaw
PSCI 4502A /EURR 4002 Post-Soviet States & Societies H. Hardman
PSCI 4604A Selected Problems in IPE (additional info) R. Germain
PSCI 4801A Sel Prob in Global Politics (additional info) R. Jackson
PSCI 4906A Washington Center Seminar II M. Haussman
PSCI 5103S /
EURR 5108
Canada-EU Relations