Early Summer 2012

PSCI 1001 A Great Political Questions Emberley, Peter
PSCI 1003 A North American Politics Williams, Glen
PSCI 2003 A (revised 2) Canadian Political Institution Malloy, Jonathan
PSCI 2200 A Introduction to U.S. Politics Attwood, Tyler
PSCI 2300 A History of Political Thought MacLean, Lee
PSCI 2602 A (revised) IR: Global Political Economy Germain, Randall
PSCI 2701 A Intro Res Methods in Pol Sci Bhatia, Vandna
PSCI 3606 A Canadian Foreign Policy Williams, Glen
PSCI 4103 A The Modern State Hurrelmann, Achim
PSCI 4801 A Sel Prob in Global Politics Jensen, Kurt
PSCI 5501 A/PECO 5501/SOCI 5504 Issues in Political Economy I Bradford, Neil
PSCI 5915 A Special Topics in Political Sc Bradford, Neil

Late Summer 2012

PSCI 1002 A (revised) Global Political Issues Biebuyck, William
PSCI 2002 A Canadian Political Environment Webb, Daniel
PSCI 2102 A Compar Politic of Global South Sookmark, Supanai
PSCI 2300 A History of Political Thought Emberley, Peter
PSCI 2601 A IR: Global Politics Roy, Nabarun
PSCI 2702 A Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci Wagner, Andrea
PSCI 3105 A (revised) Imperialism Naz, Sadia
PSCI 3802 A/SOCI.ANTHRO 3027 Globalization & Human Rights Foster, John
PSCI 3805 A (revised) Politics of Race Isaac, Annette
PSCI 4105 A Selected Prob:Third World Dev McDougall, Alexander
PSCI 4502 A/ EURR 4002 Post-Soviet States & Societies Zherebtsov, Mikhail
PSCI 4801 B Sel Prob in Global Politics Jackson, Robert