Early Summer 2017

PSCI 1100 A Democracy in Theory & Practice Kotar, Tamara
PSCI 2200 A Introduction to U.S. Politics Attwood, Tyler
PSCI 2301 A revised History of Political Thought I Fitzpatrick, Kathlean
PSCI 2601 A IR: Global Politics Schmidt, Brian
PSCI 2701 A revised Intro Res Methods in Pol Sci Thomson, Viktoriya
PSCI 3203 A  revised Gov’t & Politics in Mid East MacDonald, Matthew
PSCI 3307 A Politics of Human Rights Atack, Peter
PSCI 4805 / 5802 revised Pol. Economy of Global Finance Germain, Randall

Late Summer 2017

PSCI 1200 A World Politics Kotar, Tamara
PSCI 2003 A Canadian Political Institution Pruysers, Scott
PSCI 2302 A Hist of Political Thought II Fitzpatrick, Kathlean
PSCI 2602 A IR: Global Political Economy Burges, Sean
PSCI 2702 A Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci Thomson, Viktoriya
PSCI 3607 A N. Amer. Security&Defence Pol McDougall, Alexander
PSCI 3802 A/ANTH.SOCI 3027 A revised Globalization & Human Rights Cockburn, Jenny
PSCI 4801 A Sel Prob in Global Politics Jackson, Robert
PSCI 4809 A Honours Sem on a Sel Top Sadik, Giray
PSCI 5103/EURR 5108 revised Canada-EU Relations Hurrelmann, Achim