Winter 2009

GPOL 1000 A Global Politics H.M. Jaeger
FYSM 1602 A Selected Topics: Social Impact of Post-Communist Transformations T. Kotar
FYSM 1602 C Selected Topics: War and Politics J. Meltzer
FYSM 1602 D Selected Topics: An Introduction to Regional Integration P. Heidrich
FYSM 1602 P Selected Topics: Race and Ethnicity A. Isaac
PSCI 1000 A Intro to Political Science E. Newstadt
PSCI 1001 B Great Political Questions W. Walters
PSCI 1002 P Global Political Issues P. Andree
PSCI 2002 B Canadian Political Environment C. Gabriel
PSCI 2003 B Canadian Political Institution J. Malloy
PSCI 2101 B Comp Pol of Industrial States A. Hurrelmann
PSCI 2102 B Comp Politics of Dev/Underdev S. Sookmark
PSCI 2300 A History of Political Thought D. Madore
PSCI 2300 B History of Political Thought G. Howell
PSCI 2601 B IR: Global Politics D. Pierre-Antoine
PSCI 2602 B IR: Global Political Economy M. Dolan
PSCI 2602 V IR: Global Political Economy M. Dolan
PSCI 2702 A Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci V. Bhatia
PSCI 2702 B Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci O. Temby
PSCI 3004 A Political Parties and Election L. Way
PSCI 3005 A Ontario Government & Politics R. Dyck
PSCI 3105 A Imperialism H. Tunc
PSCI 3107 B The Causes of War H. Tunc
PSCI 3107 C The Causes of War G. Dawson
PSCI 3109 B available on WebCT only The Politics of Law & Morality R. Jhappan
PSCI 3204 A Politics of Latin America P. Atack
PSCI 3207 A Gov’t & Politics of Euro Integ A. Hurrelmann
PSCI 3208 A Reform/Pol Change in Russ Fed A. Chandler
PSCI 3307 B Politics of Human Rights A. Moreno
PSCI 3307 C Politics of Human Rights K. Haysom
PSCI 3308 A Modern Political Thought L. MacLean
PSCI 3402 A Canadian Public Policy D. Brown
PSCI 3502 A Gender & Pol: Dev Countries G. Solanki
PSCI 3600 B International Institutions J. Milner
PSCI 3601 A Theories of Int’l Politics H.M. Jaeger
PSCI 3606 B Canadian Foreign Policy D. Gilles
PSCI 3607 B N. Amer. Security&Defence Pol M. Dawson
PSCI 3702 A Peace & Conflict in the Middle M. Sucharov
PSCI 3705 A East/Central Europe and the European Union D. Popa
PSCI 3802 B Globalization & Human Rights A. Dakroury
PSCI 4006 B/5006 W Legislatures & Represent. Cda L. Edmonds
PSCI 4008 B Nat’l Security & Intelligence A. Bartley
PSCI 4009 A Quebec Politics R. Dyck
PSCI 4105 B Selected Prob:Third World Dev A. Mhina
PSCI 4105 C Selected Prob:Third World Dev A. Isaac
PSCI 4109 B available on WebCT only Politics of Cdn Charter Rights R. Jhappan
PSCI 4203 A/5203 W Southern Africa Post Apart.Era L. Freeman
PSCI 4205 A Identity Politics A. Isaac
PSCI 4305 A Contemporary Political Theory T. Darby
PSCI 4307 A Poli Theories of Democ& Emp II W. Newell
PSCI 4309 A Cont Approaches to Pol. Enquir M. Hanvelt
PSCI 4403 B Reproductive Rights Pol in N.A M. Haussman
PSCI 4407 A Pub Policy: Content & Creation C. Morgan
PSCI 4409 A Issues in Development Mgmt D. Lopreite
PSCI 4500 A Gender & Globalization C. Gabriel
PSCI 4506 A Women and Politics in N.A. M. Haussman
PSCI 4601 A Foreign Policies of Soviet Successor States N. Corbett
PSCI 4602 A Bargaining and Negotiation M. Dolan
PSCI 4604 A Selected Problems in IPE R. Germain
PSCI 4605 A Gender in Int’l Relations L. Swiss
PSCI 4608 A/5608 W Europ Integ & Europ Security K. Kirisci
PSCI 4609 A Sel Top: Euro Integ Studies Toemmel
PSCI 4800 B Adv Int’l Relations Theory D. Pierre-Antoine
PSCI 4801 C Sel Prob in Global Politics K. Jensen
PSCI 4802 A Int’l Politics of Africa J. Milner
PSCI 4804 A IR of South/Southeast Asia E. Tepper
PSCI 4806 A Transatlantic Security Issues D. Popa
PSCI 4808 A Global Environmental Politics P. Andree
PSCI 4809 B Honours Sem on a Sel Top C. Brown
PSCI 5003 W Political Parties in Canada W. Cross
PSCI 5200 W Nationalism N. Patel
PSCI 5201 W Politics in Plural Societies G. Solanki
PSCI 5302 W Democratic Theories L. MacLean
PSCI 5405 W Public Admin in Dev Countries D. Osabu-kle
PSCI 5503 W Topics in European Politics I. Toemmel
PSCI 5506 W Gender and Politics D. Lopreite
PSCI 5805 W Foreign Policy Analysis M. Sucharov
PSCI 5806 W Strategic Thght & Int’l Sec E. Sloan
PSCI 5807 W Analysis of Int’l Organization G. Dawson
PSCI 5808 W Int’l Political Economy R. Germain
PSCI 5915 X Globalization in the South J.D. Schmidt
PSCI 6001W Political Process in Canada II J. Malloy
PSCI 6106 W Comparative Politics II L. MacDonald
PSCI 6301 W Political Theory II W. Newell
PSCI 6408 W Public Affairs Mgmt & Analysis D. Osabu-kle
PSCI 6601 W Theory & Research in Intern’l Politics II F. Robinson

Winter 2009 Selected Topics

PSCI 4307A Political Theories of Democracy & Empire 2 (additional info) W. Newell
PSCI 4604 Sel Problems in International Political Economy (additional info) R. Germain
PSCI 4609 Sel Topics in European Integration Studies (additional info) I. Toemmel
PSCI 4801C Sel Topics in Global Politics (additional info) K. Jensen
PSCI 4809B Hons Seminar on Sel Topic in Political Science (additional info) C. Brown
PSCI 5503W Topics in European Politics (additional info) I. Toemmel
PSCI 5915X Special Topics in Political Science (additional info) J. Schmidt