Winter 2017

GPOL 1500 A Debates in Global Politics Dutkiewicz, Piotr
PSCI 1100 B Democracy in Theory & Practice Chandler, Andrea
PSCI 1200 B World Politics Pearcey, Mark
PSCI 2002 B Canadian Political Environment Dyck, P.
PSCI 2003 B Canadian Political Institution Jhappan, C.
PSCI 2101 B revised Compar Politic of Global North McDougall, Alex
PSCI 2102 B Compar Politic of Global South Paltiel, Jeremy
PSCI 2302 A Hist of Political Thought II Chaplin, Caleb
PSCI 2302 B Hist of Political Thought II Hanvelt, Marc
PSCI 2500 B revised Gender and Politics Solanki, Gopika
PSCI 2601 B IR: Global Politics Schmidt, Brian
PSCI 2602 B IR: Global Political Economy Sookmark, Supanai
PSCI 2702 A Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci White, Stephen
PSCI 2702 B Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci Zherebtsov, Mikhail
PSCI 3006 B Social Power in Cdn Politics Gabriel, Christina
PSCI 3102 B Politics of Dev of China Paltiel, Jeremy
PSCI 3105 B Imperialism Sahadeo, Jeffery
PSCI 3200 A U.S. Constitutional Politics Haussman, Melissa
PSCI 3204 B revised Politics of Latin America Macdonald, Laura
PSCI 3207 B Gov’t & Politics of Euro Integ Hurrelmann, Achim
PSCI 3307 B Politics of Human Rights Atack, Peter
PSCI 3312 B revised Enlightenment Pol. Thought
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Hanvelt, Marc
PSCI 3406 B Public Aff & Media Strategies Winn, Conrad
PSCI 3410 A/ COMS 3100/ POLM 3000 Intro to Political Management Azzi, Stephen
PSCI 3502 B revised Gender & Politics:Global South Solanki, Gopika
PSCI 3600 B International Institutions Milner, James
PSCI 3603 B revised Strategic Thght & Int’l Sec McDougall, Alex
PSCI 3607 B revised 2 N. Amer. Security&Defence Pol Sloan, Elinor
PSCI 3608 B revised Mobility and Migration Geiger, Martin
PSCI 3609 B Global Politics of Food Shankland, Amanda
PSCI 3702 B Israeli-Palestinian Relations Sucharov, Mira
PSCI 3802 B/ ANTH.SOCI 3027 Globalization & Human Rights Fitzpatrick, Kathlean
PSCI 4003 B Politics and the Media Winn, Conrad
PSCI 4105 B Slctd Prob:Devlp Global Sth Freeman, Linda
PSCI 4107 B Political Participation in Cda White, Stephen
PSCI 4203 B/ PSCI 5203 W Southern Africa Post Apart.Era Freeman, Linda
PSCI 4204 B/ PSCI 5204 B Elections Pammett, Jon
PSCI 4206 B Indigenous Politics of N.Am. Fitzpatrick, Kathlean
PSCI 4303 B/ PSCI 5303 W/ SOCI 5407 Governmentality and Politics Walters, William
PSCI 4319 B/ PSCI 5309 W Concepts of Pol. Community II: Escaping Modernity: Freedom and Happiness at The End of History Newell, Waller
PSCI 4408 B Public Affairs Mgmt & Analysis Bennett, Scott
PSCI 4409 B/ INAF 4202 Issues in Development Mgmt McCaul, Orlaith
PSCI 4606 American Foreign Policy Schmidt, Brian
PSCI 4702 B/ PSCI 5702 W Interm Rsrch Meth for App PSCI Bennett, Scott
PSCI 4801 A Sel Prob in Global Politics: The Political Economy of Extractive Industries in the Developing World Heidrich, Pablo
PSCI 4801 B Sel Prob in Global Politics: Political Identity through Graphic Novels Sucharov, Mira
PSCI 4805 B/ PSCI 5802 W Pol. Economy of Global Finance Germain, Randall
PSCI 4808 B Global Environmental Politics Meadowcroft, James
PSCI 4809/PAPM 4100 Cabinet Policy Advisory System Paul Wilson
PSCI 4817 B Intl Politics Forced Migration Milner, James
PSCI 5101 W Canadian Federalism Iacovino, Raffaele
PSCI 5106 W Poli of Post Soviet Succ State Chandler, Andrea
PSCI 5111 W/ EURR 5205/ INAF 5807 Euro Union & Eastern Neighbors DeBardeleben, Joan
PSCI 5202 W Development Theory and Issues Macdonald, Laura
PSCI 5208 W Global Social Policy Rojas, Cristina
PSCI 5210 W Politics & Popular Culture Jhappan, C.
PSCI 5502 W/ PECO 5502/ SOCI 5505 Issues in Political Economy II: Capitalism(s), Culture, and Heterogeneity Blaney, David
PSCI 5803 W Transatlantic Security Issues Sloan, Elinor
PSCI 5808 W Int’l Political Economy Germain, Randall
PSCI 5915 W Special Topics in Political Sc: Political Economic Thought on Work, Wealth, and Well-Being Blaney, David
PSCI 5915 X/ INAF 5409 Special Topics in Political Sc Gulderen, Yelda
PSCI 6000 W Political Process in Canada I Gabriel, Christina
PSCI 6201 W Gend&Divers:Compar&Intl Policy Haussman, Melissa
PSCI 6601 W – revised Theory & Res. in Int’l Poli 2 Robinson, Fiona
PSCI 6908 W Thesis Proposal Workshop Jaeger, Hans-Martin