Early Summer 2009

PSCI 1001 A Great Political Questions Hanvelt, Marc
PSCI 2002 A Canadian Political Environment Hanvelt, Marc
PSCI 2101 A Comp Pol of Industrial States Hurrelmann, Achim
PSCI 2300 A History of Political Thought Emberley, Peter
PSCI 2601 A IR: Global Politics Kirisci, Kemal
PSCI 2701 A Intro Res Methods in Pol Sci Temby, Owen
PSCI 3300 A Politics and Literature Emberley, Peter
PSCI 3600 A International Institutions Tunc, Hakan
PSCI 3606 A Canadian Foreign Policy Dawson, Grant
PSCI 4302/5305 Pol Thought in Modern Muslim Rajaee, Farhang
PSCI 4505 A Transitions to Democracy Fabian, Judit
PSCI 4801 A Sel Prob in Global Politics Jensen, Kurt

Late Summer 2009

PSCI 1002 A Global Political Issues Roman, Joseph
PSCI 2003 A Canadian Political Institution Crysler, John
PSCI 2102 A Comp Politics of Dev/Underdev Sookmark, Supanai
PSCI 2300 A History of Political Thought Pacella, Catherine
PSCI 2602 A IR: Global Political Economy Dolan, Michael
PSCI 2702 A Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci Bennett, Scott E
PSCI 3000 A Canadian Provincial Politics Dyck, P. Rand
PSCI 3107 A The Causes of War Pierre-Antoine, D.
PSCI 3607 A N. Amer. Security&Defence Pol Dawson, M.
PSCI 3802/SOCI 3027 Globalization & Human Rights Kovanci, Onur
PSCI 4400 A Socio-Tech. Change & Public Bennett, Scott E
PSCI 4602 A Bargaining and Negotiation Dolan, Michael