Winter 2010

Global Politics Courses    
GPOL 1000 Global Politics Jaeger, Hans-Martin
First Year Seminar Courses    
FYSM 1602 A Social Impact of Post-Communist Transformations Kotar, Tamara
FYSM 1602 C War & Politics Meltzer, Judy
FYSM 1602 D Youth and Political Participation Goodman, Nicole
FYSM 1602 P Race and Ethnicity Isaac, Annette
Political Science Courses    
1000 A Intro to Political Science Hanvelt, Marc
1001 B Great Political Questions Darby, Tom
1002 P Global Political Issues Andree, Peter
1003 B North American Politics Williams, Glen
2002 B Canadian Political Environment Verrelli, Nadia
2003 B Canadian Political Institution Malloy, Jonathan
2101 B Comp Pol of Industrial States Hurrelmann, Achim
2102 B Comp Politics of Dev/Underdev Paltiel, Jeremy
2300 A History of Political Thought Jaeger, Hans-Martin
2300 B History of Political Thought MacLean, Lee
2601 B IR: Global Politics Pierre-Antoine, Daniel
2602 B IR: Global Political Economy Sookmark, Supanai
2702 A Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci Zherebtsov, Mikhail
2702 B Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci Temby, Owen
3004 A Political Parties and Election Pammett, Jon
3005 A Ontario Government & Politics Dyck, Rand
3105 A Imperialism Tunc, Hamdi
3109 B The Politics of Law & Morality Webb, Dan
3200 A U.S. Constitutional Politics Haussman, Melissa
3204 A Politics of Latin America Atack, Peter
3206 A Gov’t & Politics of West Euro Biebuyck, William
3207 A Gov’t & Politics of Euro Integ Biebuyck, William
3208 A Reform/Pol Change in Russ Fed Chandler, Andrea
3300 A Politics and Literature Pacella, Catherine
3307 B Politics of Human Rights Haysom, Keith
3307 C Politics of Human Rights Gallagher, Stephen
3500 A Gender & Politics: Liberal Dem Edmonds, Louise
3502 A Gender & Pol: Dev Countries Solanki, Gopika
3600 B International Institutions Milner, James
3603 A Strategic Thght & Int’l Sec McDougall, Alex
3605 A Comp Study of Foreign Policy Tunc, Hamdi
3606 B Canadian Foreign Policy Gillies, David
3607 B N. Amer. Security&Defence Pol Goodwin, Adam
3702 A Peace & Conflict in the Middle Sucharov, Mira
3704 A Post-Comm Trans in Est/Cnt Eur Kotar, Tamara
3802 B / SOCI / ANTH 3027 B Globalization & Human Rights Dakroury, Aliaa
4005 A Stability Justice & Federalism Iacovino, Raffaele
4006 B / 5006 W Legislatures & Represent. Cda Dyck, Rand
4008 B Nat’l Security & Intelligence Bartley, Allan
4009 A Quebec Politics Iacovino, Raffaele
4105 A Selected Prob:Third World Dev Isaac, Annette
4105 B Selected Prob:Third World Dev Herath, Herath M.
4107 A Political Participation in Cda Pammett, Jon
4109 A Politics of Cdn Charter Rights Verrelli, Nadia
4206 A / 5100 W Indigenous Politics of N.Am. McCrossan, Michael
4305 A Contemporary Political Theory Darby, Tom
4309 A Cont Approaches to Pol. Enquir Hanvelt, Marc
4310 A Polit Theory Democrac & Empire Newell, Waller
4407 A Pub Policy: Content & Creation Morgan, Clara
4409 A / INAF 4202 A Issues in Development Mgmt Lopreite, Débora
4500 A Gender & Globalization Lopreite, Débora
4501 A /EURR 4205 A Gender & Pol. in Post Commun. Chandler, Andrea
4505 A Transitions to Democracy Atack, Peter
4506 A Women and Politics in N.A. Haussman, Melissa
4602 A Bargaining and Negotiation Dolan, Michael
4606 A American Foreign Policy Schmidt, Brian
4607 A Politics of North America Dyment, David
4800 B Adv Int’l Relations Theory Roy, Nabarun
4801 C Sel Prob in Global Politics Jensen, Kurt
4801 E Sel Prob in Global Politics Williams, Glen
4802 A Int’l Politics of Africa Milner, James
4803 A Foreign Pol of Major East Asia Paltiel, Jeremy
4806 A Transatlantic Security Issues Popa, Dragos
4808 A Global Environmental Politics Andree, Peter
5003 W Political Parties in Canada Cross, William
5101 W Canadian Federalism Iacovino, Raffaele
5201 W Politics in Plural Societies Solanki, Gopika
5202 W Politics of Third World Dev Owusu, Victor
5302 W Democratic Theories MacLean, Lee
5308 W Concepts of Political Commun I Fitzpatrick, Kathlean
5405 W Public Admin in Dev Countries Osabu-kle, Daniel
5502 W/PECO 5502/SOCI 5505 Issues in Political Economy II  
5506 W Gender and Politics Gabriel, Christina
5805 W Foreign Policy Analysis Sucharov, Mira
5806 W Strategic Thght & Int’l Sec Tunc, Hamdi
5807 W Analysis of Int’l Organization Sookmark, Supanai
5808 W Int’l Political Economy Germain, Randall
6001 W Political Process in Canada II Malloy, Jonathan
6106 W Comparative Politics II Hurrelmann, Achim
6301 W Political Theory II Newell, Waller
6408 W Public Affairs Mgmt & Analysis Osabu-kle, Daniel
6601 W Theory & Res. in Int’l Poli 2 Robinson, Fiona