grad-navigate-roundGraduate Advising

Our Graduate Office provides potential and in-program students with information on program and degree requirements. Students are welcome to stop by during office hours to discuss concerns they may have regarding their Political Science degree with the Graduate Administrator.

Graduate Administrator
Brookes Fee
B659 Loeb
Tel: 613.520.2600 x 2764
Advising Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8.30 am-12.00 & 1.00-4.30 pm

Graduate Supervisor
Professor Hans-Martin Jaeger
Office: D691 Loeb
Tel: 613.520.2600 x 2286
Advising Hours:
please email for appointment

Associate Graduate Supervisor
Professor Gopika Solanki
Office: C674 Loeb
Tel: 613.520.2600 x 1752