Full-time MA students who have completed a minimum of 2.5 credits may choose a co-op option. Co-op work terms provide Master’s students with an opportunity to develop skills relevant to their chosen field of study and to explore various career options and work environments. As a co-op student you will become an integral part of the work team that you join. Participation in co-op will allow you to develop the necessary skills to conduct an effective job search and to graduate with a network of established career contacts.

Students must successfully complete two co-op terms to receive a co-op designation on their academic transcript. The co-op designation is in addition to the 5.0 credits for the MA program. Students will be registered in the co-op course PSCI 5913 (0.0 credit) once they are successful in their co-op job search, and may not take more than 0.5 credits of course work at the same time. If a student chooses to enroll in 0.5 credits of course work while on a co-op work term, the course must be taken outside of regular working hours.

Work terms are four months in duration, and students who are successful in obtaining a placement can typically find work in either government or the private sector. More information, especially about application deadlines, can be obtained from the  Carleton University Co-op Office.

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