The Qualifying Year is intended only for those students (with at least an 8.0 grade point average) whose universities do not offer an Honours degree or for graduates in other fields who have little background in political science. The Qualifying Year program is not intended to be a method for improving a student’s weak undergraduate record.

Being admitted into the Qualifying Year does not guarantee being admitted into the MA program.

Students in the Qualifying Year will register in 5.0 credits. This will be made up of at least 1.5 credits at the 4000 level; at least 1.5 credits at the 3000 level; and, 1.5 credits at the 2000 level, to include Political Theory and Methods (PSCI 2301 and PSCI 2302, and PSCI 2701 or PSCI 2702). The remaining 0.5 credit can be fulfilled at the 3000, 4000 or 5000 level. At the discretion of the graduate supervisor this 0.5 credit may be taken outside the department.

Please use the MA program application and indicate “qualifying year” in your statement of intent. The application deadline for fall admission in any given year is 31 August. Funding is not offered for the Qualifying Year program.