Photo of Ali  Elyasi

Ali Elyasi

PhD candidate

Ali Elyasi received his HBA from Lakehead University in the field of Political Science, his MA from University of Regina in the field of Social and Political Thought and his second MA from Boston College in the field of Political Science. He is studying in the field of International Relations and Political Theory with a special focus on Ancient Greek and Medieval Islamic thought. He is particularly interested in the thoughts of Alfarabi and Aristotle.

Ali developed an interest in ancient political thought during his undergraduate years. At University of Regina he further pursued his passion by focusing on Aristotle and his thoughts on citizenship in The Politics. At Boston College he was introduced to Alfarabi and his synthesis of Aristotle’s and Plato’s philosophy. Furthermore, Alfarabi’s ability to make pagan philosophers not only palatable but also authoritative in a monotheistic environment captivated Ali. Deciphering Alfarabi’s own thoughts through his commentary on the Ancients became Ali’s project throughout his time at Boston College.

Ali is currently interested in understanding what constitutes Political speech by drawing from philosophers of the past.

Research Interests: Ancient Political Thought, Medieval Political Thought, Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Reason and Revelation, Political Speech, and Modern Political Thought.