Photo of Ali  Elyasi

Ali Elyasi

PhD candidate

Ali Elyasi received his HBA from Lakehead University in the field of Political Science, his MA from University of Regina in the field of Social and Political Thought and his second MA from Boston College in the field of Political Science. His secondary focus is on International Relations and his primary field of expertise is Political Theory.

He is currently working on questions concerning polarization in liberal societies utilizing David Hume and Abu Nasr Alfarabi under the supervision of Dr. Marc Hanvelt. Ali has also given a talk at Lakehead University titled “Unforeseen Challenges of Ideology: James Madison and the Federalist Papers” in March of 2022 discussing the founder’s concern with 18th century factionalism, and he has presented papers on Alfarabi’s political philosophy at Northeaster Political Science Association Conference in the years of 2018 and 2019. Ali has also taught History of Political Thought I (PSCI 2301A) at Carleton University during the summer of 2022. His primary interests are democratic theory, liberalism, and history of political thought. Ali is fluent in Farsi and English. As a hobby, Ali enjoys learning new languages and he is currently focusing on learning Japanese and improving his reading comprehension in Ancient Greek.