Maria Jose Avendaño Chaves

A photo of Maria Jose Avendaño Chaves, a Carleton University Political Science Alumna

Maria Jose Avendaño Chaves
Ethics Training Officer, National Defence

BA in Political Science with Honours, 2012

Maria Jose Avendaño Chaves is a current Public Servant working for the Canadian Government. She has worked for various governments including Mexico and Costa Rica as well as having worked in both the public and private sector. With a specialization in Image, Politics and Persuasion and having worked in numerous political campaigns in media relations roles, she also has experience in banking and global trade. She recently graduated with an MA in Public Ethics and has been working as an Ethics Training Officer for the Defence Ethics Programme of the Department of National Defence. Her role includes policy development, the impulse of culture change in the department and the teaching of Ethics.

Maria Jose arrived in Canada at 18 years old to complete her BA Honours at Carleton obtaining an education that set her on to a successful path in government and politics. After arriving as an international student and now working as a Canadian in one of the largest Departments, she embodies the possibilities that one can accomplish in hand after attaining a Carleton education.

While in University, Maria Jose took part in working as a volunteer at the Canadian Parliament, participated and represented Carleton in several Model United Nations (MUN) conferences while being a part of the Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students (HOLAS).

Studying Political Science in the capital city holding; the political heart of this nation, definitely equipped me with the tools, connections and opportunities to work in shaping the political sphere in Canada.