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Kathlean Fitzpatrick

Contract Instructor

Degrees:PhD LSE

Dr. Kathlean C. Fitzpatrick, PhD, LSE IR (2008). Dr. Fitzpatrick is an international relations scholar with a specific research focus on the intersections of political theory, gender and indigenous studies.  She currently teaches Indigenous Studies, political theory and human rights in Carleton’s political science Department. Her doctoral research was a holistic analysis of Eurocentric new world empire and the colonial policies and practices and early state formation of the newly emergent settler societies of British/French/Dutch/Spanish North America.  Her personal, academic and professional development path has lead her to be a scholar/activist/artist dedicated to the re-(newel) of the Treaty relationship between newcomers and the Indigenous people(s) across Turtle Island.  Dr. Fitzpatrick practices transformative education with the spirit and intent of re-(building) building positive peace with All Our Relations.