Photo of Lena Saleh

Lena Saleh

PhD candidate

Hailing from the exotic metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta, Lena holds a BA (Hons.) and an MA from the University of Alberta. She entered the PhD program here at Carleton in the fall of 2013. Lena’s research interests fall primarily within the boundaries of comparative politics and international relations.

Building upon her MA research on identity politics, popular culture and consumption in the Arab world, Lena’s doctoral research examines constructions of Arab ethnic and national identity within popular culture, using Arab pop music as her primary case study. She hopes that her (somewhat quirky) research will offer new and valuable insights into Middle Eastern politics. Lena’s doctoral research is supervised by Dr. Mira Sucharov.

When she isn’t busy writing or researching, Lena enjoys watching classic films, eating food she didn’t cook herself, and ‘playing Barbies’ with her little cousins.