Photo of Louise Cockram

Louise Cockram

PhD candidate

Louise’s dissertation project explores how the careers of newly elected MPs are shaped by the orientation they receive when they first enter the House of Commons. She has completed 34 interviews with Canadian MPs and staff in the House of Commons administration as part of her project. For the next stage of her project, Louise aims to complete interviews with MPs in the UK. To this end, Louise will travel to the UK as a visiting student at the University of Sheffield from 2 September until 13 October.

Prior to starting her dissertation project, Louise was research lead for On the Record, Off-Script, a project based on a series of exit interviews with former members of the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly. The Off-Script team modeled their research design on Samara Canada’s exit interview project with MPs at the federal level. As part of this role, Louise conducted interviews with former Members of the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly, transcribed and analyzed the interview data.

In addition to her dissertation work, Louise is a research assistant for the International Student Mobility and Resilience Project. The International Student Mobility and Resilience Project examines the role of universities as new institutional actors involved in the pathways to permanent residence, and given this novel role, how universities shape international students’ resilience. The International Student Mobility and Resilience Project is part of the Building Migrant Resilience in Cities (BMRC) research partnership.