Photo of Noah Schwartz

Noah Schwartz

PhD candidate

Noah Schwartz, BA (Carleton), MSc (Durham) is a PhD candidate in Political Science with specializations in Public Policy and International Relations.

His research looks at the politics of memory and the use of narrative in the American gun debate. His doctoral research project, supervised by Mira Sucharov, employs ethnographic methods to study community building and the mobilization of narratives about America’s past by the gun-rights movement.

Noah received his BA at Carleton in Global Politics, before moving overseas to complete his MSc in Defence, Development and Diplomacy at Durham University. After working with the Privy Council Office and Global Affairs Canada, he returned to study at Carleton in the fall of 2016 to begin his PhD.

Noah is a two-time recipient of Carleton’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (2016/2017 and 2018/2019). He has completed the Carleton Certificate for Teaching Assistant Skills as well as Carleton’s Preparing to Teach Certificate.

Languages: English, French.

Research interests include: the public policy process, the politics of memory, the gun-rights movement, firearms policy, Canadian politics and American politics.

Recent Publication:
Called to arms: the NRA, the gun culture & women. Critical Policy Studies, December 2019.