Photo of Paolo Gentile

Paolo Gentile

PhD student

Paolo is a PhD student specializing in Canadian and US politics. He received his BA(Hons.) in Political Science from the University of Calgary in June 2018. In December 2019, Paolo graduated from Carleton University with an MA in Political Science. Throughout his BA and MA, Paolo dedicated his research to understanding the impact new technologies have on democracy .

The main goal animating Paolo’s studies is to wed theory with reality; the theoretical is only as good as what it can provide to our understandings today. In the pursuit of this goal, Paolo has presented works on the rise of AI and automation, the role of social media on the Egyptian Revolution, and how social media creates polarized political identities. All of these works utilized political theory and quantitative methods to enhance our understanding of the impact that new technologies have on politics.

Paolo’s PhD work centers around censorship in the United States and Canada. Specifically, how do social media platforms moderate content and do these content moderation policies curtail free speech? If so, is this fundamentally anti-democratic?

Research Interests: US Politics, Comparative Politics, Canadian Politics, Digital Technologies