Photo of Tan Nhut Ngo

Tan Nhut Ngo

PhD student

After obtaining a MA in Religion and Public Life at Carleton University and a BA in Psychology at the University of Ottawa, Tan Nhut Ngo began his PhD studies in Political Science at Carleton in the fall of 2016. Tan’s research interests lie primarily in comparative politics and public affairs and policy analysis.  Tan was in the US backed South Vietnamese Army and was confined in several concentration camps after the fall of Saigon in April 1975. After 3 years in the camps, Tan escaped and settled down in Ottawa as a boat people in 1978.

Building upon such a background, Tan’s doctoral research focuses on the South China Sea and the role of Vietnam – based on historical facts between the two countries – toward China’s aggressive ambition to expand southward.

When Tan is not busy with school work, he teaches Myanmar tradition meditation and provides services to his devotees at his Buddhist Temple in Ottawa.  Tan is also a guest speaker to religion courses at Carleton.