Designer babies, driverless cars, engineering the climate: what future awaits? Check out PSCI 1500: Technology, Nature, Power. Open to all students.

This course will explore the complex interdependence between the technologies we use to control the world, the ways we organize society and how humans have transformed nature. ‘Power’ is understood on multiple levels: including relations among humans, between humans and their technological creations, and humans the non-human natural world.

The course will examine specific technologies, including those that helped to define modernity (the printing press, firearms, chemical fertilizers, automobiles), and those that are shaping the future (the internet, artificial intelligence, bio-science). It will consider how technological trajectories have influenced, and been influenced by, political experiences and institutions (bureaucracy, human rights, inequality, globalization). And it will link this to the dramatic remolding of our planet and the altering of the human experience of nature.

PSCI 1500B is offered in the winter 2018 term by Professor James Meadowcroft. Class time is Friday 8.35-10.25

FPA article: Robo-wars and Driverless Cars: New Course Covers Technology, Nature, and Power

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James Meadowcroft holds a Canada Research Chair in Governance for Sustainable Development. He is a Professor in both the Department of Political Science and the School of Public Policy and Administration.. His recent projects deal with energy technologies (like solar, wind, nuclear, carbon capture and storage), climate change, the protection of ecosystems, and the ways humans understand nature and the environment. His research also tracks the ways governments are adjusting their practices and policies to cope with the emergence of problems of the environment and sustainable development.