Experiential Learning Opportunities

One of the great strengths of Carleton University is the many different types of hands-on learning opportunities that are available to students. Experiential learning is the application of what you learn in the classroom to real-world experiences and can enhance your learning and employability skills.

Experiential learning opportunities can be classroom-based, such as simulations, case studies, and field trips, while others are based in the community or workplace. They can be international or closer to home. Some of the experiential opportunities you might wish to consider are:


Internships involve unpaid or volunteer work at a chosen organization. While internships do not involve taking academic courses, they may include written assignments and credits may be earned. Credit-based internship programs for Political Science students include:

International Exchange

International Exchange allows students to pursue the equivalent of full-time study abroad, at one of Carleton’s many partner universities around the world.

Co-op Education

Co-op education combines traditional, in-class education with hands-on experience. Political Science Co-op students alternate study terms at Carleton with three work terms that may be paid.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities enable students to work on research projects, either independently or with a faculty supervisor. The Faculty of Public Affairs offers two specific programs for undergraduate students to gain research experience:

IPAF 4900 – Research Mentorship is a 0.5 credit course that enables you to gain research skills and experience by collaborating with a professor on their research project.

Carleton University Research Opportunity (CUROP) is a summer undergraduate research internship program which enables students to work on a research project of their choosing in collaboration with a faculty member.

Internship-Carleton University Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (I-CUREUS) offers students an opportunity gain hands-on research experience by working on a faculty-supervised research project. Students can sign up for one term or for both and complete up to 150 hours of paid research.

For more information on international experiences and working abroad, consult Carleton’s Career Services website.