GPOL 3100: Internship in Global Politics


GPOL 3100 is an option available to students with third-year standing in the BA Global Politics, or third-year standing in the Global Politics Specialization of the Bachelor of Global and International Studies degree. It  offers 2.5 credits to students who complete a full-time, 12 week internship with a host organization engaged in some aspect of Global Politics. The internship involves a combination of practical work with a host organization, weekly written reflections, and a research project on a topic related to the internship, leading to a 20-24 page essay.

Normally scheduled in the Winter Term of the student’s third year, internships may be undertaken in Canada or overseas with a host organization engaged in some aspect of Global Politics.


Students normally begin preparation for the internship at the end of their second year. The process typically begins with a workshop in early April to introduce students to writing CVs and cover letters and the process of searching for an internship.

Students are then responsible for contacting potential host organizations and securing an internship placement. While final decisions for internship placement remain with the host organization, the Undergraduate Supervisor will support students in this process by providing feedback on draft CVs and cover letter and by writing letters of introduction to potential host organizations, as necessary.

The Undergraduate Supervisor is Professor Vandna Bhatia

Additional support will be provided through GPOL 3000, the required course for third-year GPOL students, normally scheduled in the Fall Term.

Students should note that deadlines for internships starting in January may be any time between September and December of the preceding year.


Students are also responsible for identifying a faculty member to supervise the written requirements of their internship, as detailed below. Students will be provided with a list of potential supervisors and their research interests, and will be supported through the process of contacting potential supervisors, normally during the Fall Term of their third year.


GPOL 3100 requires a full time internship (12 weeks, 37.5 hours a week, for a total of 450 hours), including both a practicum and written requirements.

The written requirements will include a weekly journal entry submitted to the supervisor, an essay proposal, and a 20-24 page essay. Students are also expected to maintain regular contact with their supervisor to discuss the internship and their research project.


Registration in GPOL 3100 requires departmental permission. Students may be authorized to register for GPOL 3100 once they demonstrate to the Undergraduate Supervisor that they have secured a placement with an eligible host organization and that a faculty member has agreed to supervise the written and research elements of their internship.