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Dean’s 2020-2021 Honours List
Political Science Majors

Each year, the Faculty of Public Affairs honours its best students at the Dean’s Honour List reception. The celebration recognizes those students who have achieved a GPA of 10.0 or better. The Department of Political Science is pleased to announce the names of students majoring in Political Science who achieved this success. Congratulations on your hard work and success!


Abboud Mohammad
Absiye Ahmed
Adams Alexandre
Akinwande Tinuola
Aubrey-Robillard Maxim


Bailey Elliot
Balmer Colwyn
Bereza Viktoriya
Blejdea Anthony
Boulanger Alicia
Braich Baneet
Bres David
Brett Sophie
Bronson Signe
Bruno Julia
Buist Jonah


Cameron Scott
Cameron Christopher
Campbell Rachel
Cappelletti Julia
Chaiquin Dario
Ciza-Mugisha Nicole
Colley Mark
Collins Maria
Curley Samuel


D Souza Ryan
Da Silva Kelsey
Dales Ellie
Dang Judy
Davy Robyn
de Pretto Amedeo
Desaulniers Francesca
Doherty Cameron
Donohoe Isaac
Doran Conor
Doyle-Blaine Madison
Dyck Alison


Ehlebracht Sophie


Faisal Shireen
Finn Jordan
Fiset Rachel
Fitzsimmons Ryan
Fletcher Ryan


Gamauf Johanna
Garcia-Salas Rocio
Gawat Shaolin-Rose
Gleddie Patrick
Gobeil-Hassan Robert


Haque Zoairia
Harris Clancy
Hnatiw Jill
Hutchinson Charles


Junipero Brittany


Kapuran Stefan
Karasapan Aydin
Kelly Liam
Kinistino Cody
Klein Cassandra
Knight Maia
Koketsu Moriya
Kucher Pavlo
Kuypers Kai
Kyrylenko Olga


Lalani Nimra
Liang Michelle
Lim Rianna
Lima Larrazabal Maria


Martin Marina
Martinez Madison
Maryniuk Alexander
Mcdavid Nikita
McKean Jacob
Mckinnon Sarah
Medd Patrick
Monkhouse Henry
Morales Camacho Graciela
Muldoon Mackenzie
Myc Alicia


Nguyen Vinh
Nummer Yumna


Odur Rebekah
Oliver Stella


Pagalla Kaushik
Palmer Nicolas
Pariseau Devin
Pedersen Ryan
Peinsznski Paige
Phillips Austin
Prowse James
Puchshina Anastassiya
Pyefinch Kimberly


Quesnel Liane


Rammal Nadia
Rengel Urea Maria
Rerrie Taryn
Reynolds Keenan
Robin Alexis
Robinson Kayla
Robinson Elias


Salama Khloud
Salamon Nicholas
Salojin Alexander
Santana Macias Oriana
Sceviour James
Scobie Justine
Shrubb James
Slater Jacob
Smith William
Snider Mitchell
Snucins-Earl Shayna
Spencer Sereyna
Steven Benjamin
Stewart Madeleine
Stokes Lauren
Stubbins Evan


Tran Peter


Ubaru Theodora


Wilkins Erin
Williams Nathan
Wright Edward


Zuger Nicholas

Previous 2019-2020 Dean’s Honours List

Danielle Akhibi, Dean's Honour List 2019/20

Danielle Akhibi

Dean’s 2019-2020 Honours List
4th-year Political Science Student

Many of my professors had experience working in the field and that knowledge is inspiring me towards my goal of being a diplomat.

Yusuf Yapici, Dean's Honour List 2019-2020

Yusuf Yapici

Dean’s 2019-2020 Honours List
4th-year Economics and Political Science Student

I treat school like a 9 to 5 job: that’s how I keep up with the work of a combined major. My next step is a master’s degree.

Undergraduate Student Award Recipients – 2020

A photo of Shireen Faisal, a Political Science student at Carleton University and recipient of the R.A. MacKay Award.

Shireen Faisal
R.A. MacKay Award in Political Science

The R.A. MacKay Award in Political Science was endowed by the late Dr. R.A. Mackay and is given in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and dedication to studies. Shireen demonstrated both academic excellence and commitment to the Political Science student community in her first year in the program. She was the first-year representative in the Canadian Political Science Students Society and volunteered as the campus liaison for Future Majority to get out the student vote in the 2019 federal election.

Congratulations, Shireen!

Rebekah Odur
Vered Foundation Scholarship

The Vered Foundation Scholarship is given in recognition of outstanding academic achievement to a student in the Political Science program. Rebekah demonstrated excellence in her academic work in the first two years of her program. She is an international student from Uganda studying Political Science and African Studies as a double major at Carleton.

Congratulations, Rebekah!

A photo of Rebekah Odur

Nathan Williams
David J Bellamy Memorial Scholarship

The Bellamy Scholarship was endowed in honour of David J. Bellamy, a former faculty member of the Department of Political Science. It is awarded to Nathan on the basis of his high academic achievement, hard work and dedication to his studies going into the final year of the program.

Congratulations, Nathan!

Jonathan Falcone
Garret Elsey Memorial Award

The Garrett Elsey Memorial award was endowed in memory of Garrett Elsey, BAHons/2012, by his family and many friends to celebrate his love of learning, generosity, adventurous spirit, active involvement in Carleton campus life and being a proud Canadian. It is awarded to a student in their graduating year who, in addition to maintaining the academic levels of the degree program, has been an active participant in extracurricular activities at the University.  In addition to his strong academic record, Jonathan has been a longstanding contributor to campus radio at CKCU, cohosting its weekly political program, The Filibuster, and making a valuable contribution to civic education in the local community.

Congratulations, Jonathan!

The Honourable Walter Baker Memorial Scholarship
in Political Science

The Honourable Walter Baker Memorial Scholarship is given in memory of The Honourable Walter Baker, P.C., Q.C., M.P., B.A., a distinguished graduate of Carleton University. The award is granted to students who have demonstrated high academic standing and political leadership or involvement in politics with the Carleton community and beyond. In addition to their academic achievements, we have listed some of the inspiring work our 2020 recipients have accomplished.

Shayna Snucins-Earl

Shayna volunteered in the Ottawa and Carleton communities, including the Women’s March Ottawa and Engineers Without Borders Carleton.

Congratulations, Shayna!

Osman Elmi

Osman is a leader with the Carleton University Student Association and has been elected Vice President, Student Life with CUSA in the upcoming academic year. This will be a particularly important role in the coming year as the Carleton community adapts to the new environment brought about by COVID-19.

Congratulations, Osman!

Shaolin-Rose Gawat

Shaolin is a committed leader in Carleton’s student community. She has been actively involved with the Carleton Climbing Club, Carleton Signs, Delta Phi Epsilon society, the Carleton University Filipino Students Association, and Carleton’s Fall Orientation for new students.

Congratulations, Shaolin-Rose!

Nicholas Salamon

Nicholas has been an active volunteer in the Carleton community, including with the University’s annual Shinerama fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Canada, and providing his services to the Paul Menton Centre as a volunteer notetaker.

Congratulations, Nicholas!

Nicholas Zuger

Nicholas was an active volunteer with his local federal riding during the 2019 election campaign – the same riding held by Mr. Walter Baker himself! He has also been committed to rejuvenating the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies Undergraduate Society at Carleton and volunteers with Ottawa’s Croatian Folklore Ensemble.

Congratulations, Nicholas!

Makeda Leul

Makeda is a determined and committed student and has demonstrated this through her hard work and dedication to her studies. She is an inspiring model of strength and perseverance.

Congratulations, Makeda!

Matthew Gionet

Matthew is a member of the Canadian Forces and has advised the Department of National Defence on the creation of a mental health policy. He also volunteers his time with the Ronald McDonald House Foundation at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Congratulations, Matthew!

Scholarships for Current Students

In addition to entrance scholarships, there are a number of scholarships available for students currently enrolled in the Political Science program. The awards and their value are announced each spring. Eligible students are encouraged to submit a nomination and application to the Department when the announcement is made. For more information about these Awards, please refer to the University’s extensive scholarships list.

Additional information about entrance scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid can be found through the Awards and Financial Aid website, or you can contact the Awards Office.