1. Welcome to Political Science!
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  3. Academic Advising
  4. Planning Your First Year
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  5. Student Orientation
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Welcome to Political Science!

The faculty and staff in Political Science are committed to ensuring your first year in the program is enjoyable and successful. This page has links to information and opportunities to get you started!

Activate your Carleton Student Email

As a student, you will have an official Carleton email address that the university will use to communicate important information to you. Learn how to activate your Carleton student email.

Academic Advising

Your undergraduate program advisor in the Department is Sarah Landry. Reach out to Sarah if you have any questions as you get started!

Planning Your First Year

Please consult the New Student Checklist to get started with planning your first year! The checklist will walk you through the registration process, familiarize you with important information about rules and deadlines, and help you get your Campus Card.

Please make sure to consult the degree guide for your program prior to starting the registration process. You should also consult the Political Science First Year Course Selection Guide for additional information about course selection and advising support. Both will help you register in the correct courses for your program.


Once you’ve decided on the courses you want to take, you can begin the registration process. A good place to start is the Political Science registration information page.

The Registrar’s Office has created step-by-step guides to registration to help you through the process of planning and building your schedule to ensure a successful registration. These guides have helpful companion videos as well.

The Fall term begins on September 7, 2022. Visit the Registrar’s office website for a list of important dates and deadlines for the 2022-2023 Academic year.

Student Orientation

Fall Orientation

Sunday, September 4 to Friday, September 9, 2022
Fall Orientation provides incoming students with a week packed full of fun activities, a chance to make new friends, and an opportunity to gain the necessary skills to help transition to university life at Carleton. Be sure to register!

Academic Orientation Day (AOD)

Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Academic orientation introduces incoming students to the Faculty of Public Affairs and the Department of Political Science. You’ll have a chance to meet your peers, as well as upper year students and faculty from the Department!

CU 1001

The CU 1001 program is a free online experience that provides new students with an introduction to the Carleton community over the summer months. Register Now!

First Year Connections (FYC)

New Carleton students are matched with upper year Peer Mentors for the first six weeks of the
Fall term. Register for FYC!

Carleton Student Services

Carleton’s Student Services website is where you’ll find things like: