Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars

Postdoctoral fellows and visiting scholars in Political Science represent a standing tradition of hosting researchers from around the world. Each year, Carleton hosts scholars from over 44 different countries.

Visiting scholars contribute to our programs in various ways, including adding to the research and intellectual vitality of the Department of Political Science, inspiring collaborative partnerships with other world-renowned institutions, and enhancing our international research profile. These initial collaborations often grow over time and become formal partnerships on projects with global outreach.

Graduate and undergraduate students also benefit from having a thriving community of visiting scholars who are actively involved in the teaching, research and scholarship of the department.

Ola El-Taliawi
Postdoctoral Fellow
A639 Loeb

A photo of Dr. Olusola Ogunnubi, Research Fellow, Centre for Gender and African Studies, University of the Free State, South Africa; Visiting Scholar, Dept of Political Science, Carleton University
Olusola Ogunnubi
Visiting Scholar