War, Peace & Security

It is impossible to understand the world around us without examining the security concerns of states, groups and individuals. One of the oldest questions in the field centres on what are the causes of great power war. The rise of China has led many to ponder the changes that are forthcoming in the international system. Some are asking whether there is a new Cold War in Europe. Others debate future developments in US grand strategy, wonder whether the Arctic will emerge as a new arena of great power conflict, and ask How do military occupations end? Most of the conflicts in the world continue to be intra-state in nature, in Africa and elsewhere. How should we approach conflict resolution and post-conflict peace building measures? Transnationally, how can we explain and address international terrorism? Is nuclear proliferation unstoppable?

These are just some of the debates and questions related to war and security. At Carleton, there are many professors who specialize in aspects of war, peace and security.

Select courses include:

PSCI 3101 Politics of War in Africa
PSCI 3107 Causes of War
PSCI 3603 Strategic Thought and International Security Studies
PSCI 3607 North American Security and Defence Policy
PSCI 3702 Israeli-Palestinian Relations
PSCI 4606 American Foreign Policy
PSCI 4008 National Security and Intelligence in the Modern State
PSCI 4806/5803 Transatlantic Security Issues

Political Science course descriptions

Selected publications:

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