Congratulations to our graduates from all of us in the Institute of Political Economy! We are so proud of what you have accomplished during this challenging year and we are excited for you as you embark on the next phase of your life. We wish you all the best in these new adventures and encourage you to stay in touch. As a Carleton alumni, your experiences and mentorship are invaluable for the students who follow in your footsteps. We look forward to hearing from you in the future!

Congratulations to our Graduates

Spring 2021

Alexander Quesnel
MA Political Economy
Research Essay :The Commodification of Data Labour under Platform Capitalism: Liberal and Critical Approaches
Supervisor: David Hugill

Erin Snider
MA Political Economy
Thesis: The political ecology of sustainable livelihoods in Kakisa, NWT: Fish waste composting for enhancing soil productivity and waste management capacity in northern Indigenous communities
Supervisors: Patricia Ballamingie and Peter Andree

Molly Stollmeyer
MA Political Economy
Thesis: Tensions in fostering ‘local food’ in the Northwest Territories: Contending with Settler Colonialism in Northern Research
Supervisor: Peter Andree

Stuart Trew
MA Political Economy
Thesis: International regulatory cooperation and the making of “good” regulators; A case study of the Canada–U.S. Regulatory Cooperation Council
Supervisor: Laura MacDonald

Chloe Poitevin
Ph.D. Geography with Specialization in Political Economy
Thesis: Tapping into Community: Localism, Place-Making, and Diverse Economies in Craft Brewing
Supervisors: Patricia Ballamingie and Irena Knezevic

Lauren Montgomery 
Ph.D. Sociology with Specialization in Political Economy
Thesis: Carceral Harm Reduction”: A Critical Analysis of the Municipal Licensing of Body Rub Centres in Edmonton, Alberta
Supervisor: Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan

Winter 2021

Janna Bryson
MA Political Economy
Research Essay: Refusing and Redressing Gestational Labour: A Social Reproduction Analysis of Abortion
Supervisor: Megan Rivers-Moore

Ndeye Aminata Kane
MA Political Economy
Research Essay: From CFA to the ECO: Diving Deeper
Supervisor: Randall Germain

Diana Kolesnik
MA Political Economy
Thesis: The Reception of The Ladies Paradise in 19th Century England and the fight against sensual capitalism
Supervisor: Danielle Kinsey

Kyla Piccin
MA Political Economy
Research Essay: Imagining Anti-Colonial, Abolitionist Futures in So-Called ‘Canada:’ A Place-Based Analysis of Land and Nature in Critical Scholarship
Supervisor: Emilie Cameron

Romnick Villanueva
MA Political Economy
Research Essay: A Study of the Canadian Extractive Sector in the Philippines: Canada’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Imperialist Propensities and Human Rights Abuses
Supervisor: Lisa Mills

Patricia Wallinger
MA Political Economy
Thesis: Who Supports Basic Income? Constituency as a Constraint in Political Feasibility Testing
Supervisor: Scott Bennett

Michael Petite
Ph.D. Political Science with Specialization in Political Economy
Thesis: Resident Inclusion in the Age of Participation: A Study of Toronto’s Participatory Budgeting Pilot Project 2015 – 2017
Supervisor: Randall Germain

Fall 2020

Darrin Antler
MA Political Economy
Thesis: The Political Economy of Psychiatry – Power, Knowledge, and Subjectification in the State/Psychiatry Apparatus
Supervisor: Marc-Andre Gagnon

Sarah Otto
MA Political Economy with a specialization in African Studies
Thesis: “Have Some Respect! Black People Died Here!” The Politics of Modern Blackness at Cape Coast Castle
Supervisor: Augustine Park

Dana Somerville
MA Political Economy
Research Essay: The political economy of public discourse, carbon tax and social media: The role of Twitter and political debate within Canada’s neoliberal resource dependent economy leading up to the 2019 Canadian Federal Election.
Supervisor: Chris Russill

Dunja Apostolov-Dimitrijevic
Ph.D. Political Science with Specialization in Political Economy
Thesis: Mapping the Global Balkans: The Governmentalities and Practices of Emerging Economy and EU Encounters in Serbia.
Supervisor: Hans-Martin Jaeger

Margaret FitzGerald
Ph.D. Political Science with Specialization in Political Economy
Thesis: Pluriversality and Care: Rethinking Global Ethics
Supervisor: Fiona Robinson

Jesse Steinberg
Ph.D. Public Policy with Specialization in Political Economy
Thesis: Searching for a Public Transit ‘Fix’: A Multi-scalar Study of Public Transit Policy in Ottawa and Waterloo Region
Supervisor: Chris Stoney

Congratulations From
The Institute of Political Economy!

Prof. Justin Paulson

I want to extend my sincere and heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of 2020 and 2021. The graduate school journey is a long and strange trip at the best of times, and my hat is off to all of you who completed your degree during an unprecedented pandemic. But I trust the trip has also been a rewarding one.

I met many of you in your first semester of grad school; but as Director, I’ve also had the opportunity to see the other side of your journey. Indeed, my favourite part of this job is getting to read your completed theses and research essays, to see what kind of research you’ve done, and how far you’ve come. And so I know for a fact how proud you should be of your accomplishments, just as all of us at the Institute are so proud to call you graduates.

Today you join the ranks of an outstanding group of alumni whose reputation for research rigour, critical thinking, and knowledge of political economy is unmatched. Whatever road you choose next, it has truly been an honour working with you at the Institute.

Please stay in touch with us, and with each other.

Justin Paulson
Director, Institute of Political Economy

Tabbatha Malouin

It has been great getting to know all in the short time I have been with the Institute. I am amazed at the passion and drive our students have and look forward to seeing what your futures hold. We have a VERY bright future with our IPE graduates at the helm. I look forward to meeting you one day in person, when we are finally allowed to celebrate all of your accomplishments.

Stay in touch!

Tabbatha Malouin
Institute Administrator

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