POLM 5001:  Parliament and Parties in Canada
Fall 2020

Instructor: Stephen Azzi

Course Description 

This is the first of two courses that examine political institutions in Canada from a political management perspective. This course concentrates on parliament and political parties; the sister course (POLM 5002) focuses on Cabinet and the bureaucracy. Both courses are designed to help students become strategic thinkers by gaining a thorough and critical understanding of the complexities of the Canadian political process.


For 2020, the mark breakdown will be:

Reading Notes                                                     10%

Assignments                                                        30%

Group Presentation                                              25%

Test                                                                        5%

Final Examination                                               30%


For 2020, the course will have one textbook:

David C. Docherty, Legislatures (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2005), ISBN 978-0774810647 (hardcover), 978-0774810654 (paperback).