POLM 5022: Prime Ministerial Leadership
Winter 2022

Instructor: Stephen Azzi

Course Description:

The course examines the concept of political leadership employing Canadian prime ministers for a series of case studies. In the early weeks of the course we study various leadership theories. In subsequent weeks, we examine the prime ministers, with readings, discussions, and guest lectures focusing on one prime minister per week. In the past, guest lecturers have included Joe Clark (former prime minister), Jim Armour and William Stairs (directors of communications for  Stephen Harper), Scott Reid (director of communications for Paul Martin), Eddie Goldenberg (chief of staff to Jean Chrétien), Jodie White (chief of staff to Kim Campbell), Bill Fox (director of communications for Brian Mulroney), and David Collenette (minister in the Cabinets of Pierre Trudeau, John Turner, and Jean Chrétien).