The description for each POLM course is available below. Our program requirements can be found here.

Course Code Course Title Timetable Instructor
POLM 5001 Parliament and Parties in Canada Fall Stephen Azzi
POLM 5002 The Core Executive in Canada Winter Paul Wilson
POLM 5004 Advanced Strategic Communications Winter Jeni Armstrong
POLM 5007 Writing in a Political Context Fall Jeni Armstrong
POLM 5008 Ethics in Political Management Winter To be announced
POLM 5009 Media Relations Winter Jeni Armstrong
POLM 5010 Polling and Opinion Research Winter David Coletto
POLM 5011 Political Campaigns Fall Guy Giorno
POLM 5012 Advocacy and Government Relations in Canada Winter Jennifer Robson
POLM 5014 Political Marketing Fall Andre Turcotte
POLM 5015 Public Policy for Political Advisors Fall Jennifer Robson
POLM 5016 Applied Public Policy Analysis Winter Jennifer Robson
POLM 5018 Strategic Communications Fall Jeni Armstrong
POLM 5022 Prime Ministerial Leadership Winter Stephen Azzi
POLM 5905F Special Topics in Political Management: Political Life Fall Sergio Marchi
POLM 5906A Special Topics in Political Management: Political Relations between Canada and Indigenous Peoples Fall To be announced
POLM 5906B Special Topics in Political Management: Political Management and the Law Fall To be announced
POLM 5099 Practicum Placement Summer Jennifer Robson (placements)

Jeni Armstrong (academic papers)